Young People Support Affordable Housing in Salisbury

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The young people of Salisbury have a particular stake in the affordable housing debate, not least the proposed building site at Holley Block. For many of us, Salisbury has been a great place to grow up, but not a viable place in which to stay. Real estate prices are completely prohibitive for the average 20-something who wants to live and work in Salisbury, and rental properties are almost nonexistent. For us, the prospect of living independently in Salisbury is unrealistic, and many young adults who are from the town originally can only stay by virtue of living with their parents.

The dearth of affordable housing in Salisbury drives away youth, an essential demographic for the vitality of any town. A young person who might like to find a job or start a business in Salisbury will likely be deterred by inaccessible housing options and decide to move someplace cheaper. This is discouraging for young people and bad for the town. If Salisbury is to avoid becoming an exclusive community of wealthy retirees and second home-owners, affordable housing must be provided.  

Holley Block is the first construction of many that we need in order to provide enough affordable housing in Salisbury. Not only is this construction urgently necessary, the location is ideal. The new apartment building will be a short walk from the Town Grove, tennis courts, and all of the businesses in Lakeville. Downtown Salisbury will be easily walkable via the rail trail that runs behind Main Street. Young people and families will be well-suited to living so close to the town center, and the apartment building will bring a sense of community and liveliness to a somewhat passed-over part of Lakeville.

Construction at Holley Block has important implications for the very nature of Salisbury.  The apartment building – hopefully the first of several to come – will send a clear message that the town looks to the future and values its youth. As young people who care deeply about Salisbury, we wholly support the construction of affordable housing at Holley Block. This project is necessary for fostering a diverse and equitable town, and necessary for the future of Salisbury.