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Stop the Propane Canon Blastings

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Many people of our community have asked Don Castellucci and the Town of Owego to help us with this issue we are having with the Propane Canon belonging
to Mr. Ketchuck, terrorizing Cafferty Lane, Cafferty Hill, Crestview
Heights and the surrounding area.
WE AS THE PEOPLE of the Town of Owego need your help!
Mr. Ketchuck, of 248 Cafferty Lane,
Endicott, has been shooting off a propane canon with the blast facing
our home, our horses and our property. These propane canon have a DB
rating of approx 115-130 DB. According to American
Speech-Language-Hearing Association's website (and many others) Sounds
that are louder than 85dB can cause permanent hearing loss. (They give
an example of a Painful noise of 120dB = jet plane takeoff.)

This has been ongoing since July 20,2012. Ironically, I understand
that the case in which 2 adjacent neighbors provided a deposition for the town of Owego
against Mr. Ketchuck, was officially signed earlier that week . I was
told by the attorney representing the town, Ryan Hatch, that
retaliation in this means would be hard to prove.
Even though the Town of Owego has no noise ordnance especially for
agricultural property, this can be deemed excessive. It will begin
with 3 blasts at 6:35 in the am and go off from 1,2 to 5 minute
intervals . The greatest intensity in volume and duration is in the
am. It originally began at 7:30 am but after we and other neighbors
complained to the Sheriff's Department and they spoke with Mr.
Ketchuck the middle of the first week, he moved the time up from 7:30
am to 6:30 am and increased the frequency from every 5 minutes to the
now every 1,2 and 5 minutes.It will also go off more frequently if
someone goes up our driveway or if we are outside in front. I have had
to stop riding my horses on the front of the property as a result
because of this coincidence. It resulted in an injury because the
horse got scared due to the repetitive noise going off 3 times a
minute back to back while I was riding. This may indeed be a
retaliatory effort against the Barber family but it is having wide
spread effects on the community as people in neighboring developments
are affected.

Our children and pets are having health issues and anxiety attacks. We
feel like we are under attack in a war zone. My children can not go
outside without hearing protection!! We are even having to wear ear protection within our home as well. When does the right of one outweight the health and safety of the community??
The Town has the ability to stop this because of the health and
mental issues it is causing to an already established community.
The residential neighborhood that surrounds
our Agricultural property was well established prior to Mr. Ketchuck
changing his Agricultural Status. Our Horse farm and pastures were
established prior to his change of status. He only began the Propane
Canon utilization as of July 20,2012. The Town of Owego needs to
develop a position on Propane Canons for the Safety and Health of it's
people. Mr. Ketchuck is not utilizing the Propane Canon for farming as
a main source of income. He is utilizing it for blueberry bushes that he
has had for many years in the front of his house and yet the propane
canon is in the back of his house facing my property.

The lives of the very people in this area are being threatened by the
Mr. ketechuck and his actions. We do not feel safe here and are again
asking for the Town of Owego's help to form an ordenance to protect us and allow to enjoy our property without risk of being harmed. Please sign our petition is support of having the Town of Owego change their current position on noise.


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