Beamsville pest control

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I don't think I know anyone in our community that isn't aware of the rat / vole problem that exists here in Beamsville. Every community will have some pest issues but rats here are overpopulated. It's to the point that we are collectively deciding NOT to grow food on our properties. Last year I ate only one strawberry from our garden because of the rats. I've used nets, put vegetables up high, tried poison - all to no avail since there is always more pests to move in after I've rid the current inhabitants. I know I'm not alone in this. As a town there needs to be a consistent strategy that addresses the issue rather than just telling individual homes not to leave food and nesting for them. I'm not talking about just a flyer saying don't put out food (garbage) for them; we're looking for real action before we see health problems associated with these vermin.  I'm hoping this petition will force the municipal council to setup a plan to actually combat this ever growing problem in our town. Please sign and share with your local friends and family.