Deny the applications proposed by New York City base Williamsburg Residential, Inc. that will allow the high-intensity residential rental-unit development on the land abutting the Schoharie Creek.

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In a no zoning area, the Town Planning Board carries the additional weight of making decisions to protect the current and future interests of the Town and its Residents.  The proposal for 5 two-unit structures, which will potentially house hundreds of people, is high-intensity for the 3.8 acres of developable land (pictured above) and is not in the character of the existing community. 

 Due to the intensity of this urban style development proposal, the buildable land will not support the amount of human waste water generated and the applicants site plan proposes building a waste water pipeline across the Schoharie Creek (which feeds NYC’s Drinking Water) to an existing waste water treatment plant located at the Talmud Torah / Machne Tashbar camp on Dale Ln. Construction of this existing waste water treatment plant was approved conditionally in 2006 as an emergency measure to resolve a critical failure of the camps existing septic system associated with high occupancy at that location, not to provide for future development

The applicant’s site plan and their application to form the required septic transportation corporation, that would allow interconncetion of multiple properties, is contingent on reversing a 2006 Hunter Planning Board decision that sets the conditions under which this septic plants construction was approved. The applicant’s site plan calls for expanding the use of this septic plant by inter-connecting multiple properties to support the proposed high-intensity development. Using waste water treatment plants to allow high-intensity development would set a new precedent in the head waters of the Schoharie. It will forever change the charactor of the community along with the potential economic, asthetic, environmental and human health impacts. Experience indicates that the septic plant at the Talmud Torah / Machne Tashbar location will continue to experience violations and failures that threaten human health and the environment in this sensitive location. Increasing the volume of waste water it proceses into the Schoharie creek to support high-intensity development only magnifies these risks.

 In accordance with the Town Site Plan Review Law, the Town of Hunter Planning Board has the right to approve - or not approve - a proposal submitted to it.  We contend that the applicant’s proposal DOES NOT MEET what is ADEQUATE, as guided by Article IV. of the Town Site Plan. This includes, as quoted from Article IV: 

1.  a: Adequate arrangement of vehicular traffic

1.b: Adequate arrangement of pedestrian traffic

1.c: Location .. appearance of off-street parking and loading

1.d: Location, arrangement, size, design, and general site compatibility of buildings, lighting

1.e: Adequacy of storm water and drainage facilities

1. f: Adequacy of water supply and sewage disposal facilities

1.g. Adequacy, type, and arrangement of trees ...constituting a visual and noise buffer between the Applicant’s and adjoining lands

1.h: Adequacy of usable open space

1.i: Protection of adjacent or neighboring properties against glare, unsightliness, or other objectionable features

1.k: Special attention to the adequacy of structures, roadways, and landscaping in areas with susceptibility to ponding, flooding, and/or erosion

We request that you deny this application due to potential future cumulative effect and impact on the environment and the Community and the Community’s potential to continue its economic development through tourism, as stated in the Town of Hunter Management Plan that the Town committed to when establishing the Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway.

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