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Relocate The Grimsby Farmers Market

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The people of Grimsby have been inconvenienced every Thursday over the period of time The Farmers Market runs every year. We must take a detour which is out of our way or completely avoid the area. We should relocate it to a spot that will be less inconvenient but a spot that people will still be willing to drive to. As I have noticed, The Farmers Market draws a small amount of people then it should for it's high traffic location. To detour the small section of Main St. W of The Farmers Market is on would jam the detour which many people take to use as a faster route thus eliminating the benefits of taking it. Why not move it to a lower traffic location which would satisfy everybody? A possible location is on Livingston Ave. closer to Chestnut Dr. to George St. With that solution you could divert traffic down Roberts Rd. or Garden Dr. to Main St. W and inconvenience much less people. Many citizens including myself do believe that The Farmers Market is beneficial to Grimsby, but the location that it is in becomes more high traffic every year. If we continue with the same location, in the coming years the detours will become completely jammed. I think it is time to find a solution to this problem before the problem becomes even bigger then it already is.

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