Don't flush $94K demolishing a toilet block, refurbish it instead!!

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Firstly a bit of background on why Cr. Little and myself have chosen to start this petition. I (Cr. Nathan Shanks) attempted to move below as a motion on notice for the 27th of October council meeting; "That council redirect the funds allocated for demolishing the Walker Place toilets, and for retaining the mural façade, to instead use these funds to contribute in retaining and refurbishing the existing facility". 

Unfortunately this motion was knocked back as it was deemed too similar to Cr. Jim Vallelonga's unsuccessful motion from the September meeting. Regardless of roughly half the chambers frustrations on this, it is in our opinion frustrations doesn't change the reason the motion was attempted to be moved in the first place nor does it get an outcome that we believe is best for the community.

After Cr. Vallelonga's motion lost on the casting vote of the Mayor The Bunyip released the article titled "Loo Debate" on Facebook. From this we saw a strong voice in favour of keeping the current toilet block regardless of the new one going in at Apex park up the road. Especially as Council have opted to budget $94,000 in demolishing the current facility whilst maintaining the mural (which means keeping the footings as well). In our minds it seems logical that if we are spending this sort ratepayer money on keeping the current footprint and one of the main walls why not use the same money to restore a much used facility? especially given the new Walker Place development?

If you agree, your signature on our petition would be much appreciated and would give us a platform to challenge this decision. There is a solution to every problem but if we cant prove there is a problem with this direction then the motivation to solving it doesn't exist. So please let us know your thoughts. With any luck we may be able to apply the logic some councillors believe our community is calling for.

Thanks Again for reading,

Kind Regards, Councillors Shanks & Little