Demanding the safety of our children and the residents of Bracebridge!

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There is insufficient parking for the parents of children attending Bracebridge Public School and it creates a huge safety issue for the children, parents, staff, bus drivers and the residents residing in that area. The congestion makes it impossible for anybody to get around safely and parents should’nt have to be the ones to have to park a block away in order to drop off and pick up their children! 

There are a number of ways that the town and the school board could change this situation and make everybody happier but nobody seems willing to put in the time or money involved to make this happen. Our taxes are being raised this year to create a budget for other much less important upgrades to our town. Why not make this one a priority!

Let’s be the one’s who make this change! This has been an ongoing concern for many years and it is time to put an end to it! Ticketing parents who are simply trying to get their children safely to and from school is not the answer!!