New Dog Warden for Afton, New York

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The people of Afton and several notable, local, animal based organizations in the surrounding area are asking the board of Trustees at the Town of Afton to consider terminating the current animal control officer and hiring a replacement.

Over a number of years, the active dog warden for the town of Afton has reportedly been offering dissatisfactory service to the people of Afton and surrounding areas by displaying unprofessional behavior, lack of service in serious situations, serving outside of Afton and more. If you are one of those folks, unhappy with the service provided in the recent years, please use the comment feature to share your personal experience.

Most recently (01.05.2021) the current warden was quoted telling a caller "if you can't house them overnight let them loose"

My personal experience took place on December 4th 2018 when the warden entered my PUBLIC PLACE OF BUSINESS, stood there death staring myself and my boyfriend, as if we knew why she was there and who she was. She proceeds to raise her voice at my boyfriend, "you need to license your dog." I just cannot even imagine being in such a position and not having first introduced myself or offer up some credentials. This was MY PUBLIC OFFICE, not the home of my boyfriend or his dog. Additionally, no information about where or how to license a dog was offered whatsoever. Since this instance many other residents have expressed their concerns with me. I have advised folks to start a petition. One of many had, but apparently was unable to obtain enough signatures (in person) for it to make a difference. 

For an online petition to be successful, we will need more than a million dog / animal lovers to virtually sign here - we need your experiences and/or your reason for signing. How does this change impact you / your family / your community? Also, if anyone has interest in this position, perhaps mention that in your statement... I am sure part of the concern for termination is not having someone else to take on the position - but at this point NO ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER is better than one that advises people to "let them loose" am I right?

Thank you for your time and consideration!