The CBS Christmas Parade: Our town does not END at the town hall

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For decades, residents of CBS have flocked to the main road in our town to watch an annual tradition - the Kiwanis Club of Keligrews' Santa Clause Parade. Participants, on foot or by float, have journeyed from St. Thomas of Villa Nova to Uppergullies Elementary year after year. Neighbours walk to the end of their roads to cheer on their co-workers, friends, family and peers while children await Santa in his sleigh at the very end!

This year, just over 2 weeks out from the parade, our council has announced that it has taken over and that it is to end at The Town hall. This change privileges businesses of downtown at the cost of actual residents. While half of one ward, not even geographically centered, will benefit from the parade, the rest of the town will be forced to uproot their traditional viewing areas or miss out entirely.

This petition is to remind our council that CBS is more than just the "Downtown" district.  Many families have strong traditions of gathering with friends and neighbours to watch the parade in their own yards and spaces. The rest of us should not have to drive and park to watch the parade.

Shortening the parade is a mistake that may lead to problems such as:

- inconvenience for those who wish to partake but do not live in the "downtown" area

- less participation/less viewing of the parade especially the elderly, those with mobility concerns or small children

- exclusion of businesses outside the downtown core

- even with the shuttle service (which is not fully detailed at this time) more traffic congestion and parking issues in business areas "downtown" may be an issue

While we recognize that the length of the parade may be considered problematic, two weeks is not enough notice to announce the change and allow resident feedback.

People all over the shore have already made plans based on the traditional length of the parade including businesses outside of the downtown core.

We ask that the town council reconsider this hasty change to a decades old tradition in our community.