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Purchasing a pack/box of sports cards has been a hobby now for decades, and recently inside packs/boxes of cards a redemption card for a certain card of a set. This would not be a problem, but unfortunately some of these redemptions can take weeks, months, or even years, past their stated timeframe on the cards. Promising something, and then ignoring the responsibilities is not the way to promote a hobby's growth.

Letter to
President and Chief Operating Officer of the Topps Company Michael Brandstaedter
As a collector of sports cards, I enjoy opening packs of cards, collecting sets, rookies, autographs, game used memorabilia, and other inserts. However, as much fun as collecting cards is, opening a pack and receiving a "redemption card" is possibly the most deflating feeling in the hobby. Although the cards do state a time frame of 8-12 weeks for a redemption, usually the cards are redeemed months later and in some cases over a year or years later.

If a company makes a promise to provide a certain product, it should be held to producing that complete product in a timely fashion. I can't think of another industry that can provide an incomplete product, and force the consumer to wait for a "redemption" whilst the company has my money firmly in pocket. We pay for a completed product, why not provide us with one?

Although companies say that redemptions are a "fact of the industry", the failure to provide any customer feedback, or information is a drain on the enjoyment of the hobby.

It seems like Topps is pushing the redemptions to the back burner then forgetting about them. Fixing this flawed system would make the hobby more enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you.

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