Dear Channel 9, please consider an Aboriginal face for TODAY

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Channel 9 has recently announced the departure of the great Karl Stefanovic from its line up for the TODAY Show. While it is sad to see a beloved Queenslander, who has gleefully entertained us for a number years, unceremoniously leave our morning TV screens, we believe that this also presents an opportunity to wake up with greater diversity!

As such, we ask Channel Nine, and the producers at the TODAY Show specifically, to consider hiring an Aboriginal, and/or Torres Strait Islander face to wake up to in the morning. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander journalism has made some great strides over the years, and black faces have indeed become more visible on Australian television.

That said, having an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander face leading a coveted morning television program would not only provide greater diversity on our television screens, but would provide a huge inspiration for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids, and provide greater motivation for up and coming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people already involved in Journalism careers (or currently studying).

Already, there is an existing journalistic talent pool to choose from. Journalists such as Stan Grant, Allan Clarke, Brooke Boney, John-Paul Janke, Laura Murphy-Oates, and Rachel Hocking are just some of the people who regularly grace our TV screens and who are making waves with their broadcasters (admittedly public broadcasters such as ABC, SBS and NITV), but who knows, maybe they may be enticed to jump the public broadcaster ship, and make the move over to Channel Nine.

It may not have to be an existing journalist, it could potentially be an actor, or entertainer, such as Ernie Dingo, Aaron Pedersen, Aaron Collins, or Miranda Tapsell, that could make for a suitable replacement!

Channel Nine and the TODAY Show, please put an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander face on our TVs in the morning!