Petition Update

Chance to Vote on Citizens United!? Yes, This November!

John Watts
Nashville, TN

Sep 8, 2012 — This is certainly great news! In November we will have the ability to vote to overturn citizens united. Whether that will include a constitutional amendment or not is yet to be seen, but is obviously the preferable way of dealing with this ruling.


What does that mean for this petition to ban citizens united in Tennessee? It means that we have an opportunity to take care of the problem at the federal level, however it still needs to be banned at the state level. As many of you are aware states don't always obey what the federal government hands down, hence the reason each state has its own constitution as a way to contest the federal governments rulings.

When I started this petition it was in hopes of supporting the effort on the federal level. Now it seems as if the effort on the federal level is going to help support the effort at the state level.