Petition Update

Update about A Constitutional Amendment To Ban Citizens United In Tennessee

John Watts
Nashville, TN

Sep 4, 2012 — Forward progress!
Today I sat down and began drafting what will eventually be the proposal for a constitutional ban to citizens united in the state of TN. As I stated before it pulls heavily from the two proposals that have been presented to the United States Senate, though reverse-engineered to be implemented at the state level.
With the initial draft in the works I'm working on getting together with our legal adviser, Tripp, this week so that we can hash out the legalese to make sure what we are putting forward is fairly rock solid. There will of course be an opportunity for public input and I certainly want to be able to hear from each of you on your ideas and/or concerns. This is a decision that affects us all, therefore all of us should have the opportunity to have our voices heard in this matter.
We still have a very long way to go so please don't let up. Keep spreading this petition to others, educate them on why this is so important not only for us but gravely so for our future