Petition Update

Upton Town Meeting to consider Citizens United ruling

John Watts
Nashville, TN

Aug 12, 2012 —  The town won't have to hold a special Town Meeting to consider the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, but the matter will be on the warrant for the regular November session.

On Tuesday, it appeared as if the town would be obligated to hold a Town Meeting to consider a non-binding vote on a constitutional amendment to counteract the court's Citizens United v Federal Election Commission ruling, as a citizen had filed a petition requesting it.

The ruling determined that First Amendment protections apply to corporate and union political donations. Some fear the ruling opens the way to unlimited donations - and influence - by corporations over state and national elections.

The matter briefly caused a stir at Tuesday's Board of Selectmen meeting, as it appeared the town would be forced to hold a meeting within 45 days on that single issue.