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Provide the public with the surveillance video evidence of the altercation which involved Aaron Ferkranus which lead to his tragic death.

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In sight of the recent occurrence, involving the death of Aaron Ferkranus during his patronage at the Thorny Devil’s night club, many questions have been left unanswered in which the public has a right to know.  It is believed both parties that hold the decisive evidence in this case, may have great reason to conceal what occurred that night, from the time when Aaron was first forced into the ally way by several members of the Thorny Devil bouncer staff, up until the time London Police arrived at the scene and proceeded to arrest the victim who was already unconscious.  According to local media, the victim was handcuffed as a suspect, although he was clearly unconscious prior to the time police arrived.  This does not suffice as standard protocol and the public does deserves an explanation into the actions of the officers on its police force.  The Thorny Devil owner and its bouncer staff need to be called into question over its policies and influence into its documented treatment notably towards males of African descent.  It is well known among the public and is further evidenced in its most recent patron signage which in more or less words states, if you don’t dress like us (or if you dress like a “snoop dogg”), you are not welcome here.  Clearly there is reason to believe that both parties (The owner of Thorny Devil and the London Police) may do their best to conceal what occurred.  The public understands its right to full disclosure on what happened that night to Aaron Ferkranus.  Therefore the public seeks the following resolution:

1.     Provide the public with the surveillance video evidence of the altercation which involved Aaron Ferkranus which lead to his tragic death.  All camera’s within the vicinity of the crime need to be considered with full transparency.  Police have street cameras on both street corners on Talbot Street.  Thorny Devil has cameras throughout the exit, along the alley way, and 3 cameras along the street exterior of the building.


2.     The video is the most important evidence in order to clearly understand what had taken place the morning of Sunday 15, 2015.  The evidence is clearly available on those tapes and the public does have a right to hear the truth of what happened.  In the city of London, there have been far too many deaths with racial implications, and before racial tensions continue to rise and ignorance gets the best of us, this problem of racism and social inequality needs to be addressed by all residence of London head on.  If you feel that all people of London deserve equal and fair consideration regardless of your racial background, then it is your duty to speak up.  I know there are many people of color who were born here, grew up here, and have help build the community in London.  I know there are also many people of European descent here in London, who don’t like to see the racism going on here anymore than those of color do.  Staying silent and wishing any mention of racism would simply go away is not going to make it go away.  Only when we are all willing to courageously look at the problem, and clearly identify the problem, then we can finally eradicate the problem.  Once the public is allowed to see the truth of what occurred for themselves, those who are guilty will serve justice, then the rest of the good people of London can peacefully move on with our lives.   Once the video can be publicly viewed what happened after the supposed altercation inside the nightclub, then it can be determined if indeed excessive force was used on Aaron Ferkranus by the bouncers of Thorny Devils nightclub and/or the London Police Services which later lead to his unexplained tragic death.


The London Free Press

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 

Surveillance footage will clear bouncers of any wrongdoing in the death of a 26-year-old man outside a downtown nightclub, the bar’s owner says.

Aaron Ferkranus, 26, died in hospital after an altercation outside the Thorny Devil nightclub early Saturday morning.

“A lot of people can second-guess my guys on the street, but pictures don’t lie,” said John Scott-Pearse, who owns the Thorny Devil and Robinson Hall.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. in Market Lane, outside the bar.

He said his footage shows Ferkranus went up and punched someone, “knocks him out cold,” Scott-Pearse said.

“The friends of the unconscious guy jump on him. We became aware of it, at which point we went to intervene . . . We’re confident that we didn’t do anything wrong.”

When his security staff broke up the fight, they called 911, Scott-Pearse said.

Friends on social media painted a picture of Ferkranus that was loving and funny.

Others have accused Thorny Devil/Robinson Hall of racism.

Another 29-year-old man involved in the incident was treated in hospital and released.

London police and Ontario’s police watchdog agency are investigating.

Aaron Ferkranus had been on life support following the early-morning dust-up Saturday outside the Thorny Devil nightclub in downtown London. He died in hospital Sunday.

Because Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit is looking into the case, police said they can’t discuss details of their investigation.

It’s not clear yet how the man died.

“It’s outrageous. Fights happen all the time at bars. It’s not something that should result in a death,” Ramal Cumberbatch, a friend of Ferkranus, who was not at the club, told The Free Press.

“All I know is it was a bar fight, a restraint and it ended up in an alleyway and he was unconcious and damn near dead.”

Sunday night, angry messages started to pop up on the Thorny Devil’s Facebook page, under a job ad posting, criticizing the business about its bouncers and the man’s death.

Moments later, the Facebook page was offline.

While London police aren’t talking while the SIU does its work, the force Saturday said the 26-year-old man was “unresponsive” at the scene.

The provincial agency is called in to investigate cases of civilian death or serious injury involving police.

One friend, who did not want to be named, recalled Ferkranus as a “hilarious” person, “so caring and loving. He was just that type of person who would light up a room.”

Another offerd an online tribute: “Aaron, always putting smiles on faces :) Aaron, always well groomed and the best dressed! Aaron, the one to always provide me with support during one of the most difficult times in my life.”

Friends have set up a tribute page to the man at

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