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Teach Comprehensive Sex Ed In Schools

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We need comprehensive sex-education in public schools. Texas needs this. Why not just continue to teach abstinence-only? Well, first of all, not all schools teach sex-ed at all. Second of all, it's not nearly as effective as comprehensive sex education. 

Did you know Texas has the highest rate of repeat teen pregnancies in the country?  (

Did you know a quarter of Texas public schools don't teach sex-ed at all? (

Did you know that comprehensive sex-education has been proven to prevent unwanted teen pregnancies and STDs? (

Did you know that teen parents, moms especially, get bullied because of it? (

If we continue to "protect" our kids from comprehensive sex-education, the rate of STDs and unwanted teen pregnancies will not decrease. 

For pro-choicers, it's stressful for any teen to have to figure it out, to find the resources to either have the baby or have an abortion, and/or to be teased by their peers. 

For pro-lifers, the number of people (teens, in this case) wanting abortions would go down significantly if they knew how to have safe sex. 

Teenagers have sex. Not all of them, of course. But rather than to risk them not knowing what to do and having unsafe sex, teach them and move for comprehensive sex-education in schools. 

Support them. Don't ostracize or ignore them. 



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