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"Please sign today! Let Danny know we've got his back" ~ Richard Linklater

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Feb 5, 2014 — On a personal note, I've known Danny Buck since making the movie and really admire him. He's a good public servant and strikes me as a really thoughtful and fair guy. When he prosecuted Bernie back in 1999, he was doing his job based on everything he had in front of him. He has recently learned new evidence that, if known in 1999, would have resulted in a different charge and a different sentence for Bernie. The idea that anyone could accuse Danny Buck of being "soft on crime" is ludicrous of course - the man is closing in on his 6,000th conviction! What's remarkable about Danny Buck is that he is willing, even after 16 years, to pursue justice and fairness regarding another person's life. That's the Danny Buck I know. That's the Danny Buck I consider a friend and the best kind of Texas DA.


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