The termination of the recent Academic & General Managers at City Varsity

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the reason why we are writing ths is because this instituton is a broken institution it is so disorganized as well as it does not have the students best interest at heart. They keep faililng the vision and mission of their plan and keep taking the students for a ride. It is heart breaking to know that the fee payers pay so much to a point where we are still not recieving the quality education promised to us .It is a school of creative arts as they state but we hardly have equipment nor props its mind boggling how a school dedicated to the arts lacks the fundemantles of the Arts.

The Academic Manager and General Manager have shown no interest in our plea after we have communicated them to them countless times, this has shown the lack of skill and compassion for the people they works for and the people who he is supposed to take care of and represent as this is what he is paid for, it also show the amount of skill - or lack thereof - that these individuals have.

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thank you in advance.