The termination of Swiss001’s channel.

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I would like to raise my concerns towards a creator that has been appearing in my recommendation box for a month. His name is Swiss001. He creates unentertaining videos and utilizes earrape every video to create an unpleasant experience for the viewer, which he considers humour and claims that “he can’t survive without it”.

I have checked multiple videos of his, most of which are misleading. Swiss001 uses red arrows, titles that are supposed to attract people – example: RyanAir Commercial – thumbnails that are not related to the video and ultimately tags that have absoloutely no relation to the video. Misleading metadata is against the community guidelines on the site. On the subject, the tags were once so bad you could put two words of his tags together and get five videos of his. Some still work.

The issue is, he’s clearly manipulating the algorithm to promote his videos, and his audience into disliking low-cost airlines – especially Ryanair – due to their landings and service, excludingthe fact you pay the price of two coffees for one trip. Them being bad might be true however representing them as bad companies and encouraging an audience of nearly one-hundred thousand subscribers - to put this into perspective, that’s the capacity of the largest stadiums - to dislike them is concerning and undoubtably damaging the reputation of the companies mentioned. He’s additionally using their logos with no permission, which is a priority for aviation content creators. Blurring logos is an obnoxious solution to it. Avoiding it is what he could’ve done, however he intentionally changed his videos to overreact. Swiss001 has been warned several times by several people and has denied everything. A lawyer from Spirit Airlines supposedly contacted him, yet he decided to literally take the piss out of it and start insulting them on social media platforms, losing his temper and repeatedly insulting the airline with quotes such as ‘Fuck Spirit Airlines’. Ryanair has been recently looking into his videos too, but they haven’t heard back. Last thing about him using an airline’s logo: brand. Him using Swiss in his name and selling it as merchandise can be a problem. He is clearly using a simulated Swiss plane. Swiss001 sometimes ranks higher than SWISS Airlines themselves in the site’s search results.

There have been accusations of him actually using artificial channels to view, subscribe and like his videos which can be believable considering his growth and the fact he’s been expanding in an unusual way (could be tricking the YouTube algorithm) however this shall not be taken into consideration for this argument. This is only a note and does not have evidence.

There was a recent video from Swiss001 where he utilized the word nigga in a landing - TOP 10 Worst Landings OF ALL TIME. We know he is white from previous videos and this is unacceptable considering most of his fans are underage and it is used as a racial slur sometimes. The excuse that it is a replacement for homie or another bullshit excuse will not work. He knows better. Another time he used the offensive word – with the hard suffix – is on Discord. Evidence for this will be provided soon, yet he repeated it a couple times. Insulting an airline, then insulting an entire race. Even if not taken personally, he is reponsible for his words and actions.

A point not addressed by those who criticise his content is the fact he claims a few flight simulator games are the worst. I know developers spend a lot of time into creating their applications and this is just disrespectful. Swiss001 along with his subscribers are defensive whenever someone claims Infinite Flight is a game or is bad. We have been in contact with a few developers regarding this behaviour. Anyone can laugh a game off as bad, and label it as the worst, but here’s a reminder that he nearly has one-hundred subscribers.

Overall, he has taken his chances and used them in a bad way. Therefore, I will request for his channel to be taken down. A large amounts of people within the simulation gaming community dislikes his content, which is an automatic red flag. He has not learnt from his mistakes. This is time for him to lower his self-esteem and step off that podium.

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