Stop the cruel treatment of animals in captivity!

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It is estimated that 110 million people world wide visit unidentified wildlife attractions every year. "Our research has found that every three in four wildlife tourist attractions are involved in some form of animal cruelty or conservation concerns." says Nicola Beynon, World Animal Protection head of campaigns.

The welfare of the animal is determined on whether the animal enjoys the 'Five Freedoms'. Freedom from hunger and thirst, from discomfort, from pain, injury and disease and from fear and distress.

"If someone takes an elephant ride, what they won't see is what a poor elephant goes through to be 'tamed' so it's 'safe'," said Ms Beynon. "To make an elephant submit to people riding on its back, they go through a process called the crush, to break it in so it submits to humans." The Elephants are shoved in a small cage or pit and deprived of food and water, and beaten for a day up to a week, until they submit to the humans commands. This is a really cruel process of which some Elephants go through to be "tamed."

Tigers go through a similar process, all for the opportunity to take a photo. The tigers are often chained up, have their claws removed and are drugged behind the scenes. World Animal Protection is working to diminish this problem around the world, including places such as Asia and Europe.

Despite the high numbers of animal cruelty there are places that treat animals the right way. At least 25% of all wildlife attractions "have a positive impact on the welfare of animals involved ... At least 13,000 wild animals, including bears, orangutans, elephants and lions, are being cared for in this way."

Help me make it to 100% of wildlife attractions around the world treating their animals with respect and care.

The top 10 cruellest wildlife tourist attractions:
- Riding elephants

- Taking tiger selfies

- Walking with lions

- Visiting bear parks

- Holding sea turtles

- Performing dolphins

- Dancing monkeys

- Touring civet cat coffee plantations

- Charming snakes and kissing cobras

- Farming crocodiles