Nullify the 2016 Presidential Election Results!

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At this time, it has become very clear that the 2016 election was corrupted by the Trump campaign in collusion with the Russian government. Therefore, we must demand that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) issue a ruling declaring the 2016 presidential election results null and void and requiring a re-do of the election. There is more than enough hard evidence already in the public domain to justify this. The investigations currently in process should go forward to determine the full extent of corruption and treason in the Republican party, to ensure that as much evidence as possible is acquired for presentation when the traitors are tried for their crimes, and to ensure that all of them are identified and charged. The very survival of our country, our Constitution, and the democratic process in the United States are at stake, so we, as citizens, and the members of SCOTUS must act decisively to rectify the horrendous wrongs that the Republican party has inflicted on our great country!

When an adequate number of signatures has been gathered, this petition will be provided to an attorney with standing before the Supreme Court, and that attorney will prepare an official Petition for a Writ of Mandamus and submit it to the court. This petition will be included in the filing to indicate the level of the public's desire for this ruling to be issued.

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