Strike down Section 377

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The Supreme Court of India is scheduled to hear a petition against section 377 of the Indian Penal Code starting July 10th, 2018. Years of activism against section 377, several attempts by many sections and agents of the society and massive organisation has led us to this point in history.

To recapitulate why this struggle is important, our lives to this day bear the impact of 377, infringing on our fundamental rights as Indian citizens:

  • Section 377, by deeming what is natural, reckons the existence of LGBTQ Indian citizens as unnatural and hence subject to criminal prosecution. This forces us to live in perpetual fear and shame rather than a life of dignity.
  • The criminalisation of sexual orientation and our very identities has forced on us a sense of shame, a loss of self-esteem and self-worth, and stigma of society. Many of us have had to grapple with depression and self-harm and have been driven to suicidal thoughts and attempts arising from this very aspect. Section 377 has decidedly impacted the quality of our lives.
  • Lack of access to information on various sexual identities in our formative years and the culture of taboo and shame built around discussions of LGBT identities, in large part because of Section 377, have deprived us and our families of timely knowledge resulting in a lack of awareness, questioning of our own self-worth and rejection of our innate identity by ourselves and those around us.
  • Unlike heterosexual persons, we cannot freely seek love and companionship, denying us an essential and immutable aspect of our right to life.
  • Since we're deemed illegal by the constitution, we do not have equal access to justice and law enforcement in instances where we have been subject to brutal crimes like rape or extortion.
  • Many of us have had to forego better paying job prospects, including government jobs and civil services dreams and instead choose employers who would be more accepting and accommodating of our identities.
  • Many of us have had to settle abroad or contemplate doing so because our very own existence is illegal in our very own nation.  

We are now at the doorstep of the supreme court of our great country, with relentless, unwavering faith in the values of our courts, culture and constitution that has forever endeavoured to uphold equality and justice. We endlessly hope to believe that India, the largest democracy of the world, will embark upon the correct side of history with a landmark judgement that affects every 6th human being, that we will acknowledge and seek to reverse the wrongs of centuries!

In this struggle, we seek your support and participation as allies, by signing this online petition and getting your friends to do so, and by discussing and spreading awareness on LGBTQ issues. Through this petition, we seek to voice and amplify the willingness of our society that it is time we overthrew section 377.

Jai Hind!

-Team Pravritti on behalf of Indian citizens and Indian LGBTQ community

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