Hang the rapists, Mother India!

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Do you really think putting up statuses and posts on social media showing your anger towards those bloody rapists are gonna be of any significance? Bullshit. We all know how this should be taken up. Here, sign the petition. We let Nirbhaya to die, then elected a MLA who could get away doing anything and now opened the doors of our temple, thus letting those filthy animals to carry on with their pernicious job of raping and murdering our child. Enough. WE WATCHED. WE COMMENTED. NOW, INDIA, COME ON, LET'S ACT. May the voices of the public finally be the hearing of the Supreme Court of India. Let us show that we can be the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, all at the same time. #JusticeforNirbhaya #JusticeforUnnao #JusticeforKathua