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No statute of limitation for reporting or starting a civil/criminal suit for rape victims

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I was a rape victim in 2012. I stayed silent about it out of fear because the person was a high profile celebrity at the time and also because I was in denial that I was raped, I only wanted to see the good side of that person and blinded myself in a lie and continued to involve myself in that lie. I did not want to believe it. That night that man took my virginity and I wasn't ready for it. I didn't want it. Then in late 2015 early 2016 the person who raped me was on trial for owning child pornography. When that came out in the news I hadn't seen him since 2013 but I knew he was guilty because of what he had done to me, other women and the scary things he said that I just ignored. I knew it was no longer safe for me to stay silent because it was partly my silence in the first place that allowed a man like him to continue roaming the streets, putting women and children in danger. This is a sick man who needs proper mental help and I know deep down he knows that. I want to take him on civilly but there's a law that you cannot take your rapist on civilly if it has been over two years since the incident occurred or two years since the incident affected you which is making my case a bit more difficult to battle. I know this of the California state law. I'm not sure if this is the case in other states as well but there should be no statute of limitations for someone trying to combat their case against rape. 

People do not understand the tremendous effects rape has on a human, unless they go through it. I am not a cry baby who needs to just let it go, as some "trolls" have said about rape victims. Rape is like someone stabbing you in your heart with a knife then twisting it around while you are still alive to feel the pain and then never taking the knife out. The knife is still there and even if you do manage to get it out the wound leaves a scar that never goes away. Because in that moment you were not free you were powerless and even if you were screaming please stop or no at the top of your lungs, they don't stop, for whatever reason they don't stop. But they need to be stopped because they cause so much damage mentally to people and in some instances they create more rapists. The person who raped me was also raped and now he's doing to others what was done to him which is NO excuse but guess what, that's the reality. Look into the childhoods of the many people who have attacked others either with rape or murder, they were attacked as children or young adults too. 

Both men and women fall victim to rape every year and if we are going to stop this nasty cycle we have to start with the people we know are guilty now and get them before they attack us or our children. Rape is a serious offense, it is not a joke. So please help me get rid of the statute of limitation for rape victims being able to fight their rapists in court indefinitely and in all the states of the United States of America. For sometimes these victims are too scared and can't speak up after 10 or 15 years because that's how long it can take for a rape victim to rebuild their strength and their courage and belief that they are in fact worthy and beautiful and good enough and that they have a chance to win. Some people can never let go because of all the shame and fear that follows rape. Please don't laugh at us or further scorn us as "cry babies who need to move on". Instead help us to move on. Let us know we have a voice too and that you hear us, please. Every voice counts! 

Thank you!

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