Make gay/lesbian marriage legal.

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For years and years people have been shaming homosexuality. Large number of people have had to hide the real them from the world just fit in to the stereotypical views of this world. "Not Normal" has been something they've had to hear for so long. But this ENDS NOW.

I'm so sick of people being shamed by their very own relatives or parents. It really hurts me because it shows how narrow minded our country still is. It shows that maybe one day, the other things which our ancestors like Raja Ram Mohan Roy fought against may come back because of the narrow mindedness of our country such as polygamy.

So many people have mindless homophobic arguments against this. "what will happen to the growth of the country as they can't produce offsprings?". For christ sake, the country is already grossly overpopulated. Letting people live their lives and be happy without having children is not going to affect the county in any way. What's more? So many adoption centers are filled with children who don't have a family. These couples can adopt these children and give them a good life. Moreover this will be a HUGE STEP towards a more diverse and open minded India.

Making homosexual marriage legal will increase the happiness quotient of our country a lot. People will finally be free and not be judged by others and will be able to be with the person they love. People will be happier and that will lead to a happier country. 

So many countries have already taken this very important step. But we are still laying behind just watching the world around us move foward. If we don't change the country now, then we will just be marching backwards to an age of orthodox behavior. And, trust me when I say, we don't want that.