Help us to keep our highways safer by removing Judge Gregory Aucoin the 16th Judicial District in the state of Louisiana

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Petition to the judiciary commission, the Supreme Court in the State of Louisiana and House of Representatives of State of Louisiana for the removal of 16th Judicial District Court Judge Gregory Aucoin.

We the people, the undersigned, hereby petition Judge Gregory P. Aucoin be removed from his Judicial position as district court judge of the 16th Judicial District in the state of Louisiana.

Judge Gregory Aucoin has proven to not have the judiciary character to upheld justice.   Judge Gregory P.  Aucoin acquitted criminal business despite the owner of the company confessed in Court under oath and admitting they have been conducting dangerous and criminal “salvage towing for profit” business for many years, and the business owner claimed that: Their “salvage vehicle towing business” is wonderful.

Our daughter, Grace Annabel Lee was killed at the age of 24 on June 7, 2013 while traveling as a passenger on Interstate 10 Eastbound in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana- heading with friends to a New Orleans gathering of fellow Texans honoring an upcoming bride. 

The fatal collision was caused by the negligence of companies posing as individuals engage in horrifically unsafe towing of salvage titled vehicle, completely disregard any safety requirements and intentionally circumventing all the safety, licensing and insurance guidelines.

There were two criminals at least involved in this criminal act, but only the driver at the time was charged of the crime. The owner of company and passenger at the time is not U.S. citizen and was only entering our Country, traveling through Highway to transport these “salvage vehicles” as business and back to Mexico for profit.

The driver at the time of this fatal collision was the only person charged by St. Martin Parish District Attorney’s office six months after the tragedy accident, and consequently went on to trial over three years later after numerous delays and postpones.

On Tuesday October 12, 2016 (the trial date), the acting assistant district attorneys informed us before the trial started- that Judge Aucoin only has limited time for this case and the trial must end before noon on Thursday because Judge Aucoin had a pre-arranged trip he must leave for. 

Sadly, after less than two days of evidence and testimony, the criminals and crimes were dismissed by Judge Gregory Aucoin despite the owner of the company confessing in Court under oath, admitting they have been conducting these dangerous and criminal “salvage towing for profit” business for many years, and their “salvage vehicle towing business” is still on going and wonderful.  They were towing two SUV’s on “two wheel” tow dollies with zero knowledge (under oath) of the warning stickers, the manual, the dangers of loose straps, the legal max speed  with need for reinforcement chains.  They were driving fast with stops for adjustments ( knowing the hook up was bad) and then eventually the third broke free and flew across a 25 foot median and killed our Grace. 

Our tragedy is not an isolated incidence. These tragedies happen on a daily basis, to every family, killing our children and family on our interstate state highway daily, caused by these illegal towing of salvage vehicles. All our heartache rested in the discretion of one Judge and his ability to make a statement and not allow Louisiana roads to tolerate these murderous negligence.  Judge Aucoin chose instead to dismiss all these criminal behaviors and allowing these enterprises continue to pose danger and cause harm to our children and family. 

We the people would like to petition that Judge Gregory Aucoin be removed from his Judicial position for his dismissal of all criminal charges against Angel Zermino, he allowed in our daughter Grace Annabel Lee case. Despite Rubio-Davila- the owner of the company made an under oath admission in court , that they have been conducting this “salvage towing” business haphazardly, any way he can, for many years, and will continue to do so.

Please sign and join our voice here, and help us to rectify this travesty and mockery of justice.  We hope to remove Judge Gregory Aucoin, and prevent this particular illegal business and all the others illegal transporting business from causing injury and fatality from ever happen again to our families and citizens. 


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