BJP for Karnataka

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The Congress and the JDS collectively formed the government not as a means of serving the people, but for the sake of gaining power. Even when BJP was a single majority party and were performing their duties in the two day period they were in power, the strive for “just power, no progress” by Congress and JDS ultimately resulted in the Chief Minister from BJP Sir Yeddyurappa resigning. I’m not particularly supporting a party here, but I’m comparing the facts, the developments we have seen post the upcoming of BJP in the Central, and I strongly believe they can do the same set of developments in the state of Karnataka. So guys, all I want to convey is, we elected BJP as a majority, and Sir Yeddyurappa was serving his duty, and has performed so many activities during the time of his power in a very small notice, and we have seen/heard nothing from the alliance of Congress and JDS, even after Sir Kumaraswamy of JDS was elected as Chief Minister yesterday at the session. Now guys, your sign here counts, let’s make it happen! 


(I’m in now way involved in politics for any of the above specified political parties)