Make Standing up for the pledge of allegiance optional.

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The pledge of allegiance is a practice that is implemented in nearly every school in the United States. But with recent events and the state of our country, many people chose not stand up for the pledge. Whether it be for political reasons, or to protest a cause they firmly believe in, students should have the right to do this freely. In fact It is an unconstitutional breach of our First Amendment rights, and has been settled since West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943). But of course this is a state by state law, and even by district. In Worcester you can be punished academically for not standing up for the pledge which is preposterous, students should not be punished for not participating in something they don’t believe in. If this gets changed in the Worcester public schools, students who do wish to stand up are given the exact same right, and nothing will stop them from doing so but for the students who don’t agree with it, they will quietly sit down, or kneel. Students will not be loud and disrespectful, simply exercising their right like the students who wish to stand.