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Apologise for the crass and insensitive Page 3 vs Cancer front page, donate profits from that day to Breast Cancer charities and run a front cover with true to life Breast Cancer Care image

I appreciate that some of you may well read The Sun newspaper and I am not here to lecture anyone on what they should and shouldn't read but this campaign is asking for apology from The Sun for running a topless Page 3 model on the front cover of their newspaper with the headline Page 3 vs Breast Cancer.

Not only was this soft porn photograph on the front cover of a newspaper being sold at child eyes height in every supermarket, petrol station, doctors surgery, hospital etc across the country which I (and every other parent out there) had to try to stop my children from seeing so that they don't grow up thinking the only thing a woman is newsworthy of is getting her breasts out (thanks for that Rupert Murdoch) but they have also highlighted the issue of the importance of checking your breasts and breast cancer in the most insensitive way ever. As you may or may not know my Mum had breast cancer, and I expect so have your Mums, Nan's, Sisters, Aunts, Dads, brothers, friends and maybe even your daughters and lets be clear it is nothing like a smiling semi naked girl sexily posing in her knickers, it is f***ing awful, so devastating, undignified, and downright heartbreaking for all involved. For the lucky ones nothing can describe the feeling of knowing (for now) it is over and you have won, and for the unlucky ones it is saying goodbye to the person who has been your world and without whom everything seems so much darker.

For those who do survive (like my wonderful Mum) they will still wear the battle scars and for many they will be rife with insecurities about their new bodies especially in a society in which the importance of checking for this awful disease is being highlighted by a semi naked woman with a 'perfect' body.

So I have decided to do something, it might not be important to The Sun who don't seem to care that they are trying to 'sex' up cancer, but to me it really blooming well is, so I have started a campaign asking them to apologise for their completely hurtful Page 3 vs Cancer front cover and to run a future front cover with Breast Cancer Care's recent advert of this beautiful lady, showing what cancer is really like, highlighting the importance of checking yourself regularly but also showing how proud we should all be of our bodies and the amazing things they can do, and to donate all profits from that day to Breast Cancer charities and the lifesaving work they do.

Please be clear that I am not in any way taking away from the fact that The Sun are doing something to highlight this cause I just wish it could be done in a way which isn't for sexual gratification and so unbelievably insensitively to the reality's of breast cancer.

This one is for you Mum x


Ps. the Sun photograph has been censored as I appreciate lots of you may not want to see the uncensored version.


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