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Get The S*n reclassified as 'Kids Comic With Occasional Boobs'

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After more than 5,000 people signed our petition to get The Daily Mail reclassified as 'fake news,' we've decided to try our luck with The S*n.

At Southend News Network, we are calling upon one of the nation's 'most loved' newspapers to reclassify themselves as a 'Kids Comic With Occasional Boobs.'

Maybe that's an insult to The Beano and The Dandy. We dunno. Anyway ...

We don't need to run through a list of reasons for this as their rap sheet is longer than your average roll of Andrex, but suffice it to say that this publication has just about wound up every single group of people on the planet.

Not wanting to be too mean to the journalists that work for them, but some of them must be one or two sandwiches short of a full-blown picnic. After all, at Southend News Network we convinced them to publish a story that we made up about a baby getting booted out of a vegan child's birthday party for daring to wear a cow onesie.

You can read more about that here. The little darling was called 'Tanya Hyde' and everything.

Please sign this and SHARE IT with everyone you know. The beauty of the ol' World Wide Web is that even blatant pee-takes like this take on a whole new level of meaning.

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