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The Sun should apologize for hate article against The Black Panthers & Beyonce!

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The Sun is not allowed to use their giant platform to smear an organisation that was formed to protect Black lives or to threaten a singer for celebrating her culture and heritage through her music.

On February 10th 2016, The Sun published a damning article accusing Beyonce of saluting a 'radical' organisation known as The Black Panthers during her Super Bowl halftime performance and threatens that her decision to do so was "one she might live to regret".

The article describes The Black Panther Party as ­murderous drug dealers who were famed for alleged "lawlessness, ruthlessness and links to extortion" - none of which has ever been proven and furthermore makes reference to murders that no Black Panthers have ever been convicted of. It is unresearched (because a quick Wikipedia skim doesn't count, sorry), misleading and purposely manipulates readers into associating Black Power with evil and hatred.

Outrageously, this article quickly glosses over the achievements of this organisation for civil rights in ONE SENTENCE - achievements that have been proven and live on to this very day. Unacceptable! The Black Panther Party opened liberation schools, gave free breakfast to children and drafted an influential 10-point program for equality and that's just the start. The Sun knows this but doesn't want you to. Not only does this terrible article go on to quote exclusively from Caucasian sources and perspectives but there is ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION of the Klu Klux Klan; the racist and murdering organisation which made The Black Panther Party for Protection necessary in the first place! We will not stand for it!

Let us boycott this paper because they are trying to turn Black History into something ugly and trying to make Black Power look like it's WRONG. Beyonce simply used her artistry to express love for her Blackness and to ask police to "STOP KILLING US" which is not an unreasonable request. This article even claims that Beyonce "thought she was taking a stand against alleged racism at the Oscars." WHAT?! Beyonce is not an ACTRESS she's a SINGER and is taking a stand against BLACK PEOPLE BEING SHOT DEAD IN THE STREETS and BLACK PEOPLE DYING IN POLICE CUSTODY. So please, Sun. STOP.

Sign this petition if you believe that Black History is being unfairly tarnished - in a society where it is not even included in our children's curriculum in the first place - and that The Sun should print an immediate retraction and apology. We all know that this paper is quick to diminish the positive reputation of ethnic groups anywhere around the world and to publish this during Black History Month (USA) is a slap in the face to all those who fought for our Civil Rights. It must not go unchallenged.

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