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Give Mrs Reddi a chance. Her students love her

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We have created this petition to oppose and counteract the previous petition that is being circulated. That petition is extremely disrespectful and obviously comes from an uncultured party. 

So perhaps it would be better for everyone to hear what the students who are being taught by Mrs Reddi have to say. Of course, none of us in the class did well for physics in term 1, but that's just what it is, it's only been one term. We've all had to adapt to a new teacher, yes. But bear in mind that she too has had to adapt to teaching us which is honestly not an easy task. But despite the circumstances and any minor problems which we have faced, it is a fact that Mrs Reddi has been trying her utmost and gone out of her way to try and help us do better in her subject. She genuinely cares about us and wants us to do well. We have to remember as well that if we're doing badly, the ounice is on us as well to try and help ourselves. 

If anybody had an issue with her style of teaching, or thought that they'd prefer to have a different teacher, the proper thing to do would've been to go to her directly and discuss the issue. By taking the route that you have chosen, you have not only put a person's job at stake, but you have also proved yourself to be disrespectful, uncultured, cowardly and arrogant. You are a bully. And most of you who have signed the previous petition are not even in Mrs Reddi's class. For this reason, we feel that our voices should be heard and what we have to say should carry more weight since we have had the privilege of being in Mrs Reddi's class. Why should we have to face the consequences of someone else's actions? 

So here is a petition for you to sign if you are part of Mrs Reddi's class or agree with what we are saying. 

We love our teacher and we want you to give her a chance because we know that she is really trying her best to get us to the top. Nobody deserves to be bullied like this. 

We would also like to urge the creators of the previous petition to please find your humanity and take down what you have posted. 

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