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Bring Drama back to Saint Teilo's!

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have grown up with theatre, being exposed to old videos of musicals and watching them repeatedly until they didn't work anymore.

And so, as those who know me will also know, wherever I am in life, I would like to have a career in the drama world, whether it be teaching, or finding a way to act. Of course, to be able to do this, I will need qualifications in drama that are bigger than a GCSE. My plan for a long while was to attend University to do Drama and English Literature, and, of course, I will only have the chance of getting there with an A Level in Drama.

I realise that a lot of people who don't take drama, or have never had much appreciation for the theatre may find the subject quite a novelty, but, as well as being a comfort and escape for many others, along with myself, the subject can also teach important life skills that subjects such as mathematics and science cannot, such as:
Public speaking
Social skills
Theatre etiquette
Good posture.

Not only this, but some of you may not know that theatre was actually what kickstarted the careers of some famous people that you may like, even without liking theatre. For instance, Ariana Grande was in the original cast of '13 The Musical'.

As a lot of people will know, I suffer with a rather bad form of anxiety that can often become set off if I am overwhelmed, and so I chose to attend sixth form at St. Teilo's, as it had all of the subjects I needed, and therefore there was no need to move. I feel like taking drama at another college, despite being in partnership with this school, will put me in an uncomfortable situation, in which I will be unable to perform at my best, especially as I will be starting a class that has already been going on for several hours. Choosing an A level that will be substantial for someone's future, going into the year thinking they could do it, and then suddenly having it scrapped once they've started the sixth form is, in my opinion, morally wrong. Forcing someone to compromise their choices for the benefit of the school is not okay.

The school have told us, that the reason the subject has been cut, is due to the number of people who wanted to take it being so low, which, with all due respect, I find to be a stretch of the truth. I know several people who wanted to take drama, but ended up having to cancel it as the subjects were changed around. I know people who passed GCSE drama, but couldn't take it as they are doing BTECs this year. I also know of a very talented actress in my class who was one point off a C grade at GCSE. This was the difference between her doing BTECs, and A Levels. If these people who wanted to take the subject, were permitted to take the subject, then it wouldn't need to be cancelled, especially when one of the teachers told me that "small classes are good, about 6 people in a class is really good number."

This won't make all of you as angry and, quite honestly, as heartbroken, as myself. But, if you have any ounce of appreciation for the arts, or know how much this means to Georgia, Jack, Courtney, Katie, myself, and many others, please help us.

Many thanks,

Anna, form 12.2

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