One Lunch

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Boca Raton Community High School has decided to split up the school lunch into 2. This is a terrible idea. The following reasons why will explain:

  1. We Dine Together- This club was started by Boca High to be inclusive and allow everyone to eat together, but now it’s no longer going to happen. We will be split up and friend groups will be destroyed. Boca High did not take this into consideration. 
  2. Clubs- They will be before and after school which is a major inconvenience for both teachers and students. Students who take the bus will find it hard to get to clubs in the morning. If students have extra curriculars after school, they won’t be able to make the clubs. Which is extremely unfair to students who wish to participate in school clubs but now can’t because of this horrible new school policy.
  3. Test Make-Ups- It will be very difficult for students to make up tests  because  Most students can not miss other classes and need to have lunch hour to make it up. 
  4. Pep Rally- When will it happen??

We hope the students of Boca High will take into consideration these reasons and take back their one lunch.