Walk out on March 14 in Dexter High school to protest the recent gun violence in schools

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The walk out would happen March 14th for 17 minutes at 10 am. You can either sit down in the hallway or walk outside. THIS IS A PEACEFUL PROTEST 

I ask you to sign this petition as the more people that sign the more other people will want to get involved. This is to remember the lives of the people lost in the school shootings around our country. This will also support common sense gun laws. These laws do not propose that we take away any your guns but they would keep dangerous weapons away from dangerous people. These laws include things like

  • Banning high capacity magazines.
  • Banning bump stocks. (Can make a gun almost automatic)
  • Universal background checks
  • Possible bans on sales of assault style weapons

 We need your help to make this possible.