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To Extend the Lunch Period of Viewpoint School

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The Viewpoint School Administration recently instituted a new schedule for the Upper School of Viewpoint School. One of the more drastic changes to the schedule was the shortening of the lunch period from 45 minutes to 30 minutes. Lunch period is a time not only to enjoy and eat lunch but it provides a crucial mental break to the students of Viewpoint School. Viewpoint is a tough and rigorous, college preparatory school. A mental break is essential in order to fully learn and have the ability to engage in classes post lunch. In regards to the other, important part of lunch period, to eat lunch, 30 minutes is simply not enough. As many students can attest simply the act of getting lunch from the bistro, the primary source for lunch, can take 15 minutes. This could leave students with 15 minutes to eat lunch and have their mental break. A 30-minute lunch is simply not enough. What we are suggesting is to extend the school day from ending at 2:35 to end at 2:45, thus allowing for a 10-minute extension of lunch. This would result in lunch ending at 1:05 and we would have a 40-minute lunch. This 40-minute lunch would be perfectly fitting for the amount of time students need to properly eat lunch and have a mental break to get ready for their following classes.

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