Schools should asses children based on their innovative ideas and not exam marks

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For many years children are being graded and judged based on their marks in exams, resulting in not only many talented minds going into depression but also we have to witness the rise of those students who only study textbooks and get admissions into colleges such as IIT,IISC, etc..  In a recent case many children are committing suicide because of the fear of failing in 12th physics board exam . Our education system is fundamentally flawed and we are sitting without realization . Bad marks do not only cause them to lose their opportunities on their dream colleges but also to go into severe depression . Exams like JEE,IIT-JEE, NEET are all based on stupid remembering of few textbooks and not based on logical applications. Many innovative ideas are not being expressed in inventions because the students are too busy in examinations. Many children loose their way of passion because of confusing topics, persuading them to thinking that the subjects are confusing in future too. Our exams are solely based on the textbook matter and no one ever tries to learn the depth reason but a person who tips 10th or 12th board exams is hailed as a smart one and al others as useless, even though the topper cannot split a bill of 500 rupees into 7 whereas the person who failed has the power to build a solar powered car, but the pressure and fear of failure in exams causes the student to forget their talent . If these toppers are asked "what is reflection ?" They answer al textbook words, but if asked "why reflection happens?" They rely " I don't know, it's not given in my textbook!" What worth is this knowledge if you can't answer simple questions ?