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Stop my neighbour taking legal action against my dogs!!

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Hi all,

I have three cattle dogs - who have been with me since I was 16.. I am now almost 22. Two of these three cattle dogs were saved from an abusive past thanks to my mum and dad. 

The cruel, heartless woman next door has served a Stat Dec against my dogs.. demanding they be taken away due to BARKING.

EVERY DOG BARKS! Our dogs bark more so, because her two dogs and cat decide to sit at the fence and provoke them. She has also held a puppy up to the fence in front of my dogs and complained that they barked because of it.

I don't know about you, but killing sharks because people provoke them is a sore spot for me but not once have I ever heard of something this heartless.

My dogs have never attacked anyone and somehow are being forced to be taken into a home they don't want to be in for simply being a dog. This is cruelty at it's finest and is so saddening for myself and especially my parents who love these dogs so much. We shouldn't have to re home our dogs simply because our neighbour doesn't like barking. This is a really sad situation and I would hate to see this woman live her life out thinking this behaviour was in any way acceptable.

These dogs were a huge part of my life and we all adore them so much. Please sign this petition - I don't know what it will do but I hope it will somehow stop her.

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