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Introduce the right to die in Alderney

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Denying someone the right to die is inhumane.  The decision to die on one's own terms ought to be a fundamental human right.   The absence of this right is largely due to a lack of political courage.

I don't know any people who would choose to prolong their suffering - and that of their families - rather than die with dignity.  That people with diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's should be kept alive against their will is utterly shameful. 

To those who say "it is too complicated to introduce", I say "copy Switzerland".

To those who say "life is sacred and must be preserved", I simply ask you not to impose your religious beliefs on others.  It's not for you to decide how long someone else should suffer.

We like to think of ourselves as kind and civilised, so let's be kind and civilised.  We are what we do.

My initial research suggests that the legalisation of assisted dying in Alderney would require legislation to be passed or amended in Alderney and/or Guernsey.  As such, this petition will be delivered to both the States of Alderney and Guernsey.

The debate is already underway in Guernsey, but any future changes in Guernsey would not automatically transfer over to Alderney.  I feel it is important that Alderney isn't left behind if there is significant public support for assisted dying on the island.

To be absolutely clear, this petition is for the residents of Alderney to be given the opportunity to end their lives at a time of their choosing.  I am not in favour of restricting this choice only to those who have a terminal illness.  Doing so would not help people with Parkinson's, quadriplegics or those who have simply had enough and want to depart with their dignity intact.

Please sign this petition if you believe you should have control over your own life and you want the States to take action.

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