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Petitioning Family Law Commissioner Valerie Jolicoeur Washington State CPS and 4 others

The State of Washington Officials, DSHS and CPS: Uphold Washington's Medical Cannabis Laws and Return Lilly Fisher (aka Jerah Martin) to Her Father

After asking for help from Spokane CPS to remove his daughter from an unstable environment, Billy Fisher is now being denied custody of his daughter because he is a medical Marijuana patient.

Washington State is one of the states that historically passed a people’s initiative to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana in November of 2012.
Yet, despite the public’s changing perception surrounding Marijuana, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services maintains the federal opinion that Marijuana is highly addictive and dangerous.

CPS is paying attention to the fight for Lilly, so it's time to educate them on the truth about Medical Cannabis!

In a State where Marijuana is not only legal as Medicine, but is legal recreationally as well... The State's Social and Health Services Department is saying that because Billy consumes Cannabis daily as medicine for a broken back, he must complete 30 days of IN PATIENTdrug rehabilitation for Cannabis and quit smoking Marijuana completely if he wants to have custody of his little girl. 

When asked how he was supposed to pay for this treatment, the Department told him that they would take care of it. That means that the tax payers of the State of Washington, the same ones that just passed an initiative to stop imprisoning non-violent marijuana users, would be footing the bill to lock up non-violent Billy in rehab for a month, just so he can be with his daughter.

He has not done anything to have his parental rights restricted from his daughter. She was not taken from him and HE was the one who asked for their help. Now they are trying to turn him into a bad guy because of his status as a Medical Marijuana patient, despite Washington's Medical Marijuana law that states "A Qualifying patient MAY NOT have his residential time with a child restricted solely due to his medical use of Cannabis."

Please sign this petition to tell those involved that Marijuana is a safer and less intoxicating treatment than pharmaceuticals,has nothing to do with Billy's ability to be a parent, and to give Billy Fisher his little girl!
Demand that they END the State Dependency of Lilly Fisher (aka Jerah Martin) and give her to her father immediately

Letter to
Family Law Commissioner Valerie Jolicoeur Washington State CPS
Faleisha Wright DSHS Caseworker Washington State CPS
Nadean Roper DSHS Caseworker Washington State CPS
and 2 others
Katie Claghorn Washington State Prosecutor
Mayor David A. Condon Spokane City Hall
As you know, Medical Cannabis has been recognized by the law in Washington State since 1998. Washington State also passed a people’s initiative to legalize the recreational use of Marijuana in November of 2012. Science has proven and is still proving, that cannabis is safer than opiates,other pharmaceuticals alcohol and tobacco, all substances that parents use legally every day. And the voters have spoken. Washington Law RCW.69.51A.120 states that: A qualifying patient MAY NOT have his parental rights or residential time with a child restricted, soley due to his or her use of cannabis.

Yet, despite the law and the public’s changing perception surrounding Marijuana, the state of Washington is still taking children from qualifying medical marijuana patients, simply for using their legal medicine. This is what happened to William C. Fisher and his daughter Lilly Fisher. (aka Jerah Martin) of Spokane.

We the petition signers, demand that you uphold Washington's medical cannabis laws & return Lilly Fisher (Aka Jerah Martin) to her father.

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