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Exonerate Michael Arena for conviction of a crime that NEVER HAPPENED

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I have started this petition to help clear my friends name. Accused and convicted of a crime that was later PROVED to be complete fiction by the accusers themselves! 2 child relatives who were coerced by their own mother into accusing their cousins of sexually abusing them have since recanted the stories that were planted into their young minds. Michael Arena had spent 12 years, and all of his childhood, behind bars for abuse that never even happened. Since the recantation the State of Texas has released Michael on "time served" and ordered that he not have to register as a sex offender but the criminal conviction still stands. Supposedly it was done this way because it cannot "be proven that he is not guilty" just because the victims have told the truth. What??!!! Are we now guilty until proven innocent??? It is this writers opinion that the guilty conviction remains so that Michael cannot sue the state for wrongful conviction and for no other reason. Please research this case, ask questions, write to the governor of Texas, write a letter to President Trump, protest, sign your name to this petition and anything else you need to do to help right this wrong! A person who has felony charges hanging over their head, especially for sexual abuse of small children, cannot move forward in life. Its almost impossible to get a job and of course there are still people who will always question his innocence as long as the court won't even say they're innocent. There was definitely child abuse in this family- but it came in the form of a mother brainwashing her children into making them believe that they had been sexually abused by their teenage cousins. A mother who told her children that SHE would go to jail if they did not say that their cousins had sex with them and let them take the stand in a courtroom to accuse their family of such a horrific crime. A mother who has a history of false accusations of sexual abuse against her children and was also eventually determined by the court to be unfit to care for those same children. THAT is the real crime in this tragic story. Please sign your name to Michael Arena's innocence! Its scary to think but this could happen to Michael so that means it's possible to happen to someone that you love too.

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