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The State of Ohio: Legislation for the CONCEALED CARRYING OF FIREARMS by School Employees.

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          School shootings are an abhorrent problem plaguing our contemporary society. Innocent children need to be protected against those who would seek to terrorize, injure or kill them. Parents entrust school districts to see to the education and care for the well being of their children while they attend school. The PROTECTION of these children, teachers, administrators and, other school employees MUST be seen to. Reactionary response by law enforcement officers is simply NOT ENOUGH.

A MEANINGFUL DETERRENT coupled with the means of an IMMEDIATE RESPONSE to violence brought against children MUST BE ESTABLISHED.

          Allowing the concealed carrying of firearms by those lawfully permitted to do so in order to protect children must be allowed with all the auspices of the law. Criminals and would be murderers would never respect the current Ohio laws that "ban" the carrying of weapons/concealed weapons on school grounds. Why should the educated, respected, law-abiding citizen employees of the school districts be robbed of the chance to provide protection to themselves and their students while deterring assailants from attempting to cause school children harm?

          Please sign and share this petition to show your support for this potential legislation. Help send the message to our elected officials that you want your school employees to be afforded the means to protect your children while they spend the daylight hours –Monday through Friday – under their care and guardianship.

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