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Allow a jetty or groin to be built on North Topsail Beach

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For the past few decades, the town of North Topsail Beach (located at the northern end of Topsail Island, a barrier island just south of the Outer Banks) has been subjected to some of the most rapid beach erosion anywhere in the world. The inlet at the northern end of the island has been rapidly removing the sand from the beach and carrying it elsewhere for a few decades now. As a result many oceanfront houses have been condemned and subsequently removed because the beach in front of them had completely washed away and the ocean was flowing freely under them at high tide. The houses that remain are in constant jeopardy of succumbing to this same fate especially those whose protective dunes have washed away. The town's economy has been hit hard by the erosion as well, as tourism, their main source of income, has declined due to the lack of a beach. This is a problem that could be easily solved with the installation of a jetty or groin that would build the beach back up by catching the sand before it washes into the inlet. Unfortunately under North Carolina law 'hard structures' such as jetties and groins are prohibited, although there are some towns that have been allowed to install them in the past, such as Wrightsville Beach. Because of this, alternative solutions such as pumping sand have been attempted as a means of replenishing the beach, but these have proved to be both highly expensive and very temporary solutions. This petition aims to show the state government of North Carolina what a serious and important problem the erosion is and get them to allow a jetty or groin to be installed in order to save the beach, the houses and the town itself. Thanks for the support!

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