Please help us shut down New Zion Shilohs in New York!

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Please understand that the content of this petition has not been changed! There are false allegations that it has been and this is just a ploy to deter  people from signing it.

July 3, 2015 New update from one very happy puppy buyer:
The Court ruled in their favor and ordered New Zion to pay in full for all costs that exceeded purchase price .
If she doesn't pay within 30 days she will face other charges.
This is progress in our fight to shut down New Zion!!

Today June 29, 2015 another New Zion pup at 8 months of age  with no warning just like my dear Willow died unexpectedly. Her heartbroken owner is having a necropsy done to confirm it was heart-related. This madness has to stop  and will not stop until New Zion is shut down permanently.

There is now another outbreak of parvovirus at New Zion and  as recently as March  2015 and last week May 2, 2015 pups were sold with clear health certificates endorsed by  a Veterinarian at New Zion and both pups were diagnosed with parvovirus and treated  for symptoms and deemed unfit for sale by other Veterinarians.We also have Go Fund Me  set up to help pay for this costly treatment on top of the $1500.00 these poor people paid for their pups.New Zion has refused to pay or accept responsibility saying it is the puppy owners' faults!

Please do not fall for any statements or counter petitions from New Zion Shilohs (or anyone affiliated with New Zion Shilohs) asking that people do not sign the petition. These people are misguided and  incorrect and many of these naysayers have never even been to New Zion. Remember we do have first hand experience  testimonies from victims which is objective evidence not hearsay to prove years of abuse, fraud and neglect including first hand experiences, pictures,  expert professional witness statements and court documents. 

I am writing to you to ask if you could kindly  help us in our fight for justice for the dogs who have suffered and died and those who still remain at New Zion Shilohs in  Fillmore New York.

The goal of our group is to gather information and collect testimonies from those owners and breeders who have been dealt with unethically by Lisa Barber and New Zion Shilohs with the intent to present this "pile" of information to as many New York and Federal agencies as possible including the NYS Humane Society.  We have sent documentation to several authorities already .

These atrocities have been going on for years and too many owners and dogs have suffered because nothing has been done. These abusive, illegal and unethical practices have been done en masse for years and that the breeder has been breeding, selling, shipping, and transporting (both in and out of state and in Canada) sick and infected dogs, selling dogs with known physical and genetic disorders, and repeatedly stealing deposits and payments without providing refunds to clients.

In addition there are eyewitness descriptions of the kennel, kennel practices, disposal of dead bodies, state of cleanliness and health of both kennel and dogs, and biosecurity practices (or lack thereof)  we can supply proof of. 

I can provide  testimonies from several who have suffered the heartbreak  of this disgusting facility that has managed to elude authorities  and attempts to shut it down for years and pictures taken  at New Zion in 2005.

Repeated inspections failed to shut this puppy mill down how can so many similar stories be discounted by authorities? Authorities have failed to act and we will not stop now until New Zion is closed. 

We have contacted the Attorney General  of NY, the Agricultural Board and Markets, New York State Veterinary Medicine Society ,The Better Business Bureau, The SPCA,  ASPCA, HUSUS, and USDA, Assembly Woman Rosenthal,  L. Curry at Law For Dogs and Assembly Man Joseph Giglio to name a few.

We want to ensure the public is aware that this is not the place to buy a Shiloh Shepherd and that there are good ethical breeders .

The picture I posted is my poor pup Willow who died at 6 months of age due to an inherited heart defect passed on by her father and also 2 other pups with the same father died. The breeder still breeds this dog and there has not been any proper health testing so this defect will be passed on to other pups. Mine is just one  example  of many that indicates negligence and callous disregard for ethical breeding!

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