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The State of Maryland: Allow the legal carry of legally owned unconcealed firearms in public

This is important not only to me but all of us as Maryland residents. the violence in this country as well as around the world is escalating at an alarming rate and us as tax paying citizens of the United States of America have the right to protect ourselves in the event that are lives are in danger. If a person that is about to attack sees that a person(s) in his area are able to equally protect themselves in the event of his attack he will think twice about his attack. It is up to the State of Maryland to make sure that its residents are safe and feel safe and as of right now we cant even walk into a Grocery store, elementary school, or even a hospital without worrying about whether or not we will make it back home. I also believe that with this their needs to be mental evaluation or classes taken and paid for by the individual applying for the right to carry before being allowed the right to carry a firearm in public. This petition is for the interest and safety of all of us and to provide us as Marylanders with a more secure and comfortable feeling in public.

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