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The State of Illinois, Department of Natural Resouces: Strike law requiring registration for floatcraft to all who float rivers

Illinois has taken EXTREME measures to eliminate, and TAX its residents abilities to FREELY enjoy their beautiful waterways without ANY accurate representation of the people whom our legislators are elected to represent. Many of us have seen how the state feels as though it must profit from even the most natural of activities, while also harming the morale, freedoms, and most importantly choice, to participate in activities without being down-trodden by meaningless laws which is causing many to now boycott park systems within the state of Illinois. The unnecessary binding of the peoples hands to enjoy nature, even without reaping any material benefits other than enjoyed time (unlike fishing and hunting) must NOT be allowed to continue. This law is especially grotesque because tubing requires no motor, and generates no emissions. PLEASE HELP US NOW!!!

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  • Marc Miller, Director : Office Phone # 217-785-0075
    The State of Illinois, Department of Natural Resources

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