Vote For A New Florida State Song

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Swanee River or ( Old Folks at Home) which is currently The Florida State Song is very outdated, with Lyrics that have nothing to do with the state of Florida. With lyrics like SADLY I ROAM and ALL THE WORLD IS SAD AND DREARY! Old Folks at Home--No wonder people in other states think we are all old here in Florida! The songwriter, Stephen Foster never took one step in the state of Florida. How can you write a song about somewhere you have never been? Have you ever heard anyone say that they want to visit Florida to see the Swanee River which isn't even spelled correctly in the song! If you have never heard the song Swanee River please take a listen to it and I am sure you will agree with me that it is very boring.  

The great state of Florida is all about Fun, Sun, Beautiful Beaches, Thrill Rides, Visiting NASA and Smelling Orange Blossoms just to name a few. I have lived here over 25 years and have never had a DREARY day!     

The children in Florida schools need a fun song to sing about their wonderful and beautiful "Sunshine" state!

Our State of Florida relies a lot on tourism to keep our state in business. We need a happy song to entice people to visit our beautiful Sunshine State. 

Being in the music business my entire life I realize the importance of a song. One song can change your feelings and fill your heart with love and excitement. Swanee River does not fill my heart with any excitement, actually it is very difficult for me to listen to the entire song and would never entice me to visit Florida!