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The state of Fiji and policy makers: Be open to discussions and be LGBTIQ inclusive

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In a democratic society, everyone should be equal before the law.
The reported reasoning that marriage is "a traditional institution which should not change" is inadequate. If Fiji is to be a truly secular state then all government policies should follow it through and through. The state should not declare that it’ is not a topic up for discussion because it’s against cultural and religious beliefs of its citizens.
The state must recognize that Fijian citizenry also includes a large number of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.
Therefore such discussions should not be excluded either in the constitution making process or advocacy.

It is wrong to deny homosexuals the equal and unqualified rights that every heterosexual person has without debate?

Why shouldn't same-sex couples be allowed to marry each other? How could a same-sex couples who are in love and want to legally commit to each other, hurt anyone else?

Marriage is a way for two people, who love, honour and respect each other to join their lives together, legally or in any form, and partake in the ultimate commitment. To declare in front of their loved ones, their God and to each other that they wish to spend the rest of their lives together should be celebrated as a society that is built on respect for human dignity, equal citizenry and basic freedoms.
For decades the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and the queer members of the society have been subjected to physical and emotional violence, bullying, rejection, discrimination and name calling thereby denying them their basic rights and freedoms as equal and respected members of society.
Homosexuality is often stigmatized and it promotes homophobic bullying. If the state has such an attitude towards this then it will only worsen the atrocities towards the sexually diverse communities.
We, the undersigned, request that the political, legal and socio-economic rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, inter-sex and queers be granted without question as it has been extended to the heterosexual people of Fiji.
Born free and equal with dignity and rights.
Please note that the undersigned consists of different people, not exclusive to those identifying as sexual diverse individuals.

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