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Stop Daylight Saving Time Change

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Historically, Daylight Saving Time occurred in order to assist with train schedules and farming. Today, Daylight Saving Time occurs to supposedly conserve energy. However, research has shown that very little energy is actually saved during the few short months of this confusing process.

The purpose of this petition is to attempt to sway the state of California into choosing the 'spring forward' timeframe permanently in order to allow California residents to enjoy one extra hour of daylight everyday. There are several beneficial reasons to this request:
1. Saves energy - more daylight = less electricity use
2. Traffic injuries - Adults and children will have an extra hour of daylight to travel home after work and/or school
3. Reduces Crime - less crimes occur during the daytime

In addition, the added stressors of Daylight Saving Time to California residents will be reduced:
- no more worry about disrupting a growing child's sleep schedule
- no more adjusting every single clock one hour ahead or behind
- no more remembering to change your clock at midnight
- no more sleepless nights during the adjusting period to the 'new schedule'

It is apparent that there are several benefits that can result from continuous time consistency. A permanent time change may greatly assist in a reduction of overall stress and an increase in an individual's quality of life. Thank you.


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