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Close L.A. County Animal Care Control: Lancaster Shelter !!

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This shelter located at 5210 W. Ave. I  Lancaster, CA 93536.  Being the founder of an animal rescue (Pets Always Well:  Rescue, Medical & Transport Funding P.A.W.) in Pennsylvania we do not really do rescues from the West Coast but recently the photo of a tiny little 2 month old baby Chihuahua came across a rescue Facebook page.  Needless to say we sprung into action!  West Coast or not she needed saving!  After inquiring with the poster we learned that she had a sister there with her as well.  ALL RIGHT, a double rescue!  What a great feeling!


On November 26, 2012 at 11:37am I phoned the Lancaster shelter to make it known that these babies will be rescued and to please not euthanize them.  Sylvia (the shelter employee that I spoke with) mentioned that one was in quarantine but assured me that they would be safe for that day.


Today, November 27, 2012 at 11:20am my California contact/rescue shelter puller called to speak to Sylvia as well.  Sylvia then told her the exact same thing as she told us the day prior.  My California contact was scheduled to pull the babies to safety on Thursday, November 29, 2012.


3 hours after speaking with my California contact I started seeing posts on the original Facebook entry of the baby's photo saying thing such as:  "THESE DOGS ARE MISSING! for 3 days!".  After speaking with my California again and telling her of the "missing" pups she literally sounded like she was going to pass out.  Apparently this shelter has a HORRIBLE reputation of LOSING THEIR LITTLE ANMALS DOWN THEIR DRAINAGE SYSTEM!  In each kennel the drains are left uncovered so the employees can just hose the droppings down the drain instead of actually working to clean the kennel out.  Having the entire drain pipe exposed is an invitation for a scared little baby to hide in the pipe ultimately getting itself stuck and dying. They also crawl through the system and emerge in other kennels sometimes being attack by larger dogs!   Another HORRIBLE finding was that at times the dogs escape from the shelter and run into the desert only to die from exhaustion, exposure, starvation, dehydration and sadly possible prey for desert predators. 


I called the shelter again to ask about the pups and my worst fears were confirmed!  The employee that I spoke with admitted to the pups constantly being lost in the drains.  Oh my God!  So carefree she said this to me and admitted that the pups had been missing since November 21, 2012 and that they JUST started looking for them on November 25, 2012.


I personally have never heard of such horrors in the USA!  I have been involved in foreign petitions against 3rd world countries.  Are we now a 3rd world country?  I am sad to admit that I live in a nation that allows such horrors to occur.  We gas our animals, use heart sticks, electrocute and sometimes even strangle.  What have we become?!  I personally wrote to President Obama last year only to receive a letter in return that was absolutely unacceptable. 


My question to YOU is, what are we going to do about this HORRENDOUS shelter* and its HORRENDOUS employees?!  Please, sign this petition and lets SHUT THEM DOWN!

*shel-ter (noun)


a: something that covers or affords protection shelter>

b: an establishment providing food and shelter (as to the homeless)

c: an establishment that houses and feeds stray animals


: a position or the state of being covered and protected




Hi Folks - I received this private message after someone signed the petition. Even MORE reason to pass this info along and help me get this nightmare to end! Thank you all SO much for your passion! I;m hoping to make a trip to CA in March. Will take a personal tour of this assylum.



Lancaster the HELL HOLE

Dear Lisa, I started with sharing and pledging to Lancaster about 8 months ago. I'm from Illinois and somehow I ended up at Lancaster. I have heard of this drainage thing in addition to "animals getting lose in the desert and coyotes killing" the animals! I have been sickened by these stories for months now and have written letters to the shelter, called and talked to people there and it seems to go no where! I hate this shelter with a passion. I even ran across a story one time of a worker there (a female) who saw a male worker kicking a Dachsund to death and he was allowed to continue working there. I reported them to L****** L******* who use to keep tabs on the CA shelters but now works for the ASPCA and lives in another state (she is on FB)..................I would like to help in anyway because I HATE this shelter with a passion! HATE!

Sincerely, D***********

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